Employee and Statutory Payment Delivery

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An integrated global payments solution enables timely, compliant payments and increases efficiency.

Compensating an international employee base and submitting statutory payments is a complex challenge. Inefficiencies and compliance risks pile up as you manage multiple banking platforms for each location, high volumes of charges, and costly transaction fees.

Horizons Visions provides an integrated, automated solution to pay globally distributed employees and third parties in a trackable, cost-efficient way. Horizons Visions Payments auto-populates funding requests through Horizons Visions Payroll, eliminating manual file transfers to bank accounts while minimizing fees.

Employee and Statutory Payment Delivery Horizons Visions

Horizons Visions Payments is a flexible solution that offers three different funding options and single currency settlement in USD and HKD. By centralizing global payment processes and configuring CloudPay Payments to their enterprise specifications, organizations achieve stronger payment accuracy and compliance.

With Horizons Visions Payments, you can:

  • Assure data security with a system that automatically takes files from Horizons Visions Payroll and securely transfers them to appropriate payment vendors
  • Easily disburse funds based on a chosen payment schedule
  • Receive automatically generated reconciliation reports for payments, guaranteeing a fully compliant, documented audit process and effective reconciliation